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LOTUS HR is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) providing a complete range of employment-related services. Through a Co-Employer relationship, we function as a company’s Human Resource/Payroll department.  This provides a cost-effective means of lessening ever-increasing administrative and regulatory burdens as well as reducing certain liabilities .  Thus, business owners and their employees will spend their time more productively, focusing on what they do best, thereby increasing the company’s bottom-line.

For companies that don’t need a full PEO, we also offer an Administrative Services Only (ASO) option.

A Professional Employer Organization

Strategic Partners

Running a business has never been easy and in today’s environment of ever-changing regulations, it’s become even more difficult.  Aligning with  LOTUS HR as a strategic partner brings you an experienced and talented staff to support you and your employees by providing the following services:


Human Resources

We provide a full range of human resource services which would normally be available only to large corporations.  Our services are tailored to your individual business and free you from time consuming personnel tasks. Since this is our only business, our experienced staff is knowledgeable in all aspects of regulations, record keeping and benefits management.


This service includes:

HIPAA Compliance

COBRA Compliance

Unemployment Hearings

ERISA Compliance

EEOC Assistance

Risk Management

Reducing workers’ compensation costs while enhancing workplace safety is one of our most valuable services. Partnering with us can reduce your costs. In addition, we can improve your cash flow by eliminating the need to make significant insurance deposits.  We will also save you valuable time as well as our staff handles the extensive paperwork associated with filing claims.


This service includes:

No annual deposits/audits

Enhanced cash flow

Safety engineering

Job Site Inspections

OSHA Compliance

Employee benefits

“The law of large numbers.” You will have access to expanded benefits at “corporate” group rates while eliminating the paperwork involved.  An additional advantage is that our licensed staff will consult with each employee to insure that they understand the programs that are available and help them in selecting the appropriate plan coverage.



This service includes:

Section 125 Plan Admin

401-k Plan

Gold & Silver Health Plans

Dental, Vision & Life Ins.

Supplemental Products

Payroll/tax processing

Payroll is growing more complicated every year.  Endless reports, changing regulations and penalties for missed deadlines-it can be enough to make a business owner take a permanent vacation.  In most cases, LOTUS HR will provide a comprehensive array of payroll services for less than your current costs. Accessing our web-based system can increase your efficiency even more. Fast, Accurate and On-Time!


 This service includes:

Checks, Journals & Summaries

Federal Deposits

Quarterly Reports

W-2’s, W-3’s & 940 Reports

Payroll Audits


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